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Campers with Special Needs

To lay the foundation for success for your Girl Scout, parents and the Camp Director team must partner in sharing information about your camper’s health history and accessibility needs. While our Girl Scout camps can accommodate many needs and abilities, there are some cases that require an environment with staff specifically trained to meet their needs.

Contact camp@gsgatl.org prior to registration if you have questions about whether your camper’s needs can be met at our camps.  

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When We Contact Parents

We will contact parents or guardians if a camper:

· Experiences extreme homesickness (needing constant attention, clinging to adults, needing someone by her side to fall asleep, disrupting camp activities or crying constantly)
· Experiences behavior challenges (see Behavior Expectation Agreement)
· Spends the night in the health center or misses a day of activities
· Has an acute or sudden illness
· Has a temperature of 100.5 or higher
· Has an active case of head lice
· Falls off a horse
· Needs to be taken to Urgent Care or the hospital