Before care

Girls will spend time with friends, listen to music and play board games. (6:45-7:45 am,$45/week.

After Care

Girls have a rest period and participate in
a quiet activity like a board game until their guardian
(4:45-6pm, $45/week)

After Care + Swim Lessons

Includes 4 lessons during the week in a small group setting.
(4:45-6pm, $85wk)

Extended After Care

Adds an additional hour to our standard after care.
(4:45-6pm, $45 wk)

Extended After Care + Swim Lessons

Adds an additional hour to our After Care + Swim Lessons. (4:45-6pm, $85 wk)


(K-5th graders only): Is your daughter ready to try one night in a cabin with her day camp friends? Would she enjoy cooking over a campfire, singing camp
songs and spending an evening under the stars? This sleep over experience is a wonderful opportunity for both first-time and seasoned campers. (Tuesday or Wednesday Nights, $55 per night)

Adventure Camper

(6th-9th graders only): Girls will head over to the platform tents and get settled for the night and make a meal by the campfire. After dinner girls will work on their fire making skills and pick one adventurous evening activity. (Tuesday or Wednesday Night, $55 per night)

Overnight Twilight Program Edition

(4th-9th graders only): Girls will take a short break at the end of the day camp day and set up their bunks and rest a bit. They will have a pizza dinner and then head out into camp to explore it at Twilight. (Wednesday Nights, $55 per night)