Wrangler-In-Training (WIT) / Counselor-In-Training II (CIT II)

at Camp Meriwether

Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta’s progressive leadership program gives YOU the skills, experiences, and opportunities to let your leadership light shine! Counselor In Training II (CIT II) is the natural progression for those successful in the CIT I experience. This two-week sleepaway program is for girls entering 11th-12th grades and who have successfully completed CIT I. You’ll receive advanced CIT training and mentorship while wrangling in your leadership skills—your Wrangler In Training II (WIT II) program starts here. Develop program and youth leadership skills while also assisting with beginning riding lessons for campers and learning more about horseback riding program operations and management. You’ll also help saddle, groom, feed and care for the horses. Participants receive a daily riding lesson and will be at the barn most of the day! Prerequisite: Counselor in Training I.
Badge Connection: CIT Pin II


Grades 11-12

Camp Meriwether

653 Meadows Boone Rd, Luthersville, GA, USA

50 miles SW of Metro ATL

Two Week - Cabin Sessions


  • June 19-1


  • $2,035

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Misty Mountain

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