Ultimate Survival Camper

at Camp Misty Mountain

Develop your camping skills in this progressive outdoor skills program, were you will start in our platform tent units and work your way to our primitive camping unit while spending the week honing in on your fire-building, outdoor cooking, orienteering, mapping, hiking, whittling, campsite set-up, and shelter building skills. Build your own tree bed one day and sleep under the stars. There will still be time to experience Camptivities such as swimming, boating, drama, and so much more. Ultimate Survival Camp participants will sleep in our platform tent units. Each tent has 4 cots. Hot showers and flush toilets are at the unit. The tents are waterproof and can be tied open during the day to allow for good air movement and then closed at night for privacy.
GS Badge Connection: Juniors: Camper, Trail Adventure, Eco Camper; Senior: Eco Trekker, Primitive Camper


Grades 4-8

Camp Misty Mountain

490 Lake Marvin Rd NE, Armuchee, GA 30105, USA

Northwest Georgia Mountains

One Week - Platform Tent Sessions


  • June 7-13


  • $650

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