Boots and Bridles

at Camp Meriwether

If you want to expand your riding skills on multiple horses, this is the session for you! Riders will test their skills on dressage or drill team style patterns with several horses this week. We will be riding IEA style, and riders will randomly draw horse names from the lesson group. This session will help you develop better communication with any horse you ride. You are ready for this session when you can independently halt, steer at the walk and trot on the rail in good control. This camp is an intermediate program for riders working on trotting or cantering.
Badge Connection: Horseback Riding or Good Sportsmanship


Grades 4-8

Camp Meriwether

653 Meadows Boone Rd, Luthersville, GA, USA

50 miles SW of Metro ATL

One Week - Cabin Sessions


  • June 5-10


  • $1,015

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Grades 4 - 8
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